6 Months Free Internet

The application for 6 months of free internet, donated by Every Kid a King, has reopened!

Apply for this incredible opportunity before the application expires at 5:00pm on Thursday, May 21st.

The Every Kid a King fund is offering to provide 1,000 public school students with 6 months of internet service. This offer is only for families of current EBRPSS pre-k–12 students in an effort to connect them with Distance Education resources. It’s being coordinated through the Connect2Compete (C2C) program under Cox Communications. This offer is open to families who either do not currently have internet or who are current C2C subscribers. If you currently subscribe to C2C, your bill will be paid for 6 months, then revert back to your responsibility after the 6 months expire. You cannot be currently enrolled in another Cox high-speed internet plan (that is not Connect2Compete) and be eligible for this offer. First come, first served until all spots are filled.

When you click the link in the email, it will take you to a form created by EBRPSS, and then through to the application for the C2C program. You must also meet Cox’s eligibility requirements (not on a Cox high-speed internet plan, must be within Cox’s service area, must have Cox cable connection in their home, etc.). Once you are deemed eligible, Cox will ship a modem to your home for self-installation, which should arrive in 3-5 business days. Instructions are included.

The goal is to have internet service active by June 1 (in time for summer EBRPSS Distance Education options). The offer will expire 6 months from when you are considered eligible.

Have your child’s student ID number ready. And if you are a Cox Connect to Compete subscriber, please have your Cox ID number ready as well.   

Apply here: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=IlA8nQEQZEmXxqsWDeP1VjCfAkePaYJOokaoSxrA0axUME02NkhDSVE0OEQxQVFaRlpHT0U4VUNOQi4u

You will be notified if you are eligible for this service.

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