C.M.M.S. Parents Meeting/Orientation

Parents Meeting/Orientation to Capitol Middle Magnet will be held Virtually

July 30, 2020 @ 5:00 p.m. Please make arrangements to attend the meeting. Please complete the Parent Information Form located in our News & Announcements Section, so that your information is current in our system.


  1. I tried that long but it says I don’t have permission. Could you send me another link it could you send it to my email address.

    • What are you trying to do? Give the school a call.

  2. How to join the orientation? Is there a link?

    • You will be sent a link through your email.

  3. I am Wayne Vicks and my son< Wayne Michael Vicks Jr. attends this school. Please include me in the virtual conference. Thanks

    • Will do!

  4. Trying to sign up for the virtual meetings for my children

    • You will be sent a link to your email account of the next meeting.

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